Times Square
Imagine...The Polar caps have hemorrhaged enormous volumes of water and the world is submerged. Earth has become one gaping wound and we're living-/trying to survive, in the fall out era of the global warming effect.Architectural firm Studio Lindfors, give us images,(conclusions,solutions, theories?) forged by the creativity it takes for this type of conceptual design. We are warped into a dimension in which we use quaint little boats and hanging bridges. Zeppelins used as living quarters, as mankind is forced to inhabit the skies. No longer able to fight the water, we show resilience and live with the water. W 29th Street Broadway NYC
Garment District NYC
5th Avenue 53rd Street NYC
I find it discomforting to know that there are still people needed to raise awareness of our changing environment.I find it discomforting to know that there are people who cannot fathom that the world, as they know it, might end.I find it comforting to know that there are people who nurture the beauty they find in seemingly insignificant things we are surrounded with.I find it comforting to know that there are people who aren't afraid to embrace the theory of a catastrophic future in order to find solutions now.If only I could...I would interrupt the ephemeral...pause it...suspend it in time...cup it with both hands and keep it safe.Shibuya Station Tokyo
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  • Nice post Inka. very thoughtful.
  • Awesome post, Inka. Thank you.
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