Charlize Theron

Charis Tsevis is a Greek artist who creates incredible modern day mosaics for everyone from Time magazine and Sports Illustrated to IKEA and Toyota. A part time professor and a regular columnist to some of the most respected design and computer magazines in Greece, Tsevis doesn't just spend his days creating art. In fact, reading through the comments on his Flickr page, you begin to see Tsevis as much more than just an artist. You get to see him as a teacher, a husband and as an inspiration... "I feel so lucky having Charis Tsevis as a teacher. His advices and his persistence are a true treasure not only for me, but for everybody. I admire him both for his talent and creativity but also for his great personality. No matter what the problem is, he is always there searching for solutions. I will never be able to thank him enough!" "Charis is the most gifted person I have ever met. That's why I married him. I am so proud of you and thank you for sharing your life with me." - Eva K "Charis Tsevis is a person who's willing each and every moment of this vague life to push creativity and innovation to their limits just to teach the rest of us that life is not as vague as we are used to see it. He is able at anytime to turn upside down and inside out our whole view on this human world and its creations." - artech The Jazzman

La Ballerina

The Piano Player

Girl in the Room

Coloring Eva (His Wife)

Kobe Bryant

Michael Phelps

Steve Jobs

(Credit must go to Deanna Lowe @ Fortune magazine and the photographer of the original photo in which this mosaic is based.) Barack Obama

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