It's amazing what Guram Dolenjashvili can do with just a pencil. The Georgian artist creates black and white landscapes so realistic, if you looked at his pieces from far away, you could mistake his artwork for photographs. The way he controls light and shadow is especially impressive...

Guram Dolenjashvili's website
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  • It's magic what he does with a pencil.
  • These are amazing!
  • What unbelievable mastery of light! LOVE IT!
  • Inspiring, breath taking and amazing are what comes to mind.
  • Wow, how incredible!
  • Wowzerz
  • This is RIDICULOUS!!! Purely amazing, can't believe it's all done with a pencil.
  • That's incredable!! What an artist. So crisp so clean. Can't believe it's done with a pencil.
  • It's quite difficult to believe that these are pencil drawings! They are so detailed and impressive! I applaud Dolenjashvili!
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