Graceful Curved Chair Inspired by Japanese Calligraphy

Slinky Chair is a sculptural seat designed by Italy-based studio Infinity Design that takes inspiration from Japanese calligraphy. Like the gracefully painted characters of the ancient Asian art, the chair manages to convey action and elegance in visually striking curves. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, offering a complementary balance of modern design and traditional art.

The chair's smooth, brushstroke-like design evokes a visually dynamic and sophisticated movement that it looks as though a piece of calligraphy has jumped right off the page and sprouted legs to balance on. The sweeping cantilevered chair, which is cast out of aluminum and covered in a polyurethane coating, has been designed to come in three different finishes including red, black, and white.

Infinity Design's website
via [Archiscene]

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