The beginning of a year can be a great time to set new goals. Even here at theMET, April started a great discussion about our personal 2011 New Year's resolutions.

So, what are the some of the most common goals made every year? Check out this infographic for those answers, plus learn some very interesting stats. (larger version)

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  • These are terrific. informative and entertaining. Take them with a grain of salt though. Some are wrong.

    You have to be careful how you slice statistics. For example, lest our Americans friends get too puffed up about how much they give to charity as compared to the rest of us (as shown in goal 10) you must also consider that there are many more millionaires living in the US (who presumably give more than the rest of us to charity). In fact, considering that there are over 16 times more millionaires in the USA than in Italy, one might suppose that the average Guiseppe in Italy may actually be contributing more. Only a more detailed breakdown would determine this.

    Besides, a quick look at Wikipedia's numbers show a startling difference. According to Wikipedia it was the Australians that gave 28 billion. USA was 13th with 2.8 billion. This dropped to 19th when expressed as a percentage of income.

    Sorry American friends. Don't let it stop you, though. In fact, give more - you can beat the Australians next year. I know you can!
  • Looking forward to the New Year!
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