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Infographic: Laziness in the Workplace

It's difficult not to lose focus during a typical work day. Whether you find yourself gossiping over the water cooler, updating yourself on Facebook, or checking out your favorite websites, getting distracted is simply a part of life. This infographic shows us some interesting facts about our inefficiencies...

via [online mba], [current]
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  • "The Average work admits to frittering 3 hours per 8 hour workday"

    Yet, when broken down by age group, none average as much as 3 hours. Now I'm not math science guy, buuuut ;)
  • Awesome. I do wonder, when the stat says "% of workers who would consider quitting if their job banned Facebook" and in other stats, if that includes ALL workers or only workers who have computer access as part of their jobs.
  • Interesting stats but what is the source of infographics?
  • HR dept can cut more staff reading this.... :) healthy stuff for crisis period
  • Crazy, although I must admit I do facebook at work sometimes. But definitely not 3 hours worth!
  • The statistics are just mind blowing. I suppose they would have more of an effect if I worked in an office environment. Still, the numbers don't lie.
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