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Intimate Showers Reveal Secrets (10 photos)

Mumbai, India-born photographer Manjari Sharma takes us into one of the most intimate places in a person's house. For a few months, she invited people over to her apartment, photographing them while they took a shower. She soon found out that the water washed away any unnerving awkwardness brought on by the camera.

What came next, however, was quite surprising. "The bathroom, formerly a beauty parlour, now became a confessional and I the hair dresser," she said. "Many of my subjects shared intimate details of their life with me and every new person in the shower became a brand new allegory. With every new visit I had a new protagonist; A new plot and a new parable of hurt and heroic that came undone under that shower - My Shower. I felt a personal mythology was being shared, an independent study that I got addicted to."

Manjari Sharma's work is currently showing at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles through February 12th, 2011. Manjari Sharma's website
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  • 5th photo is amazing
  • Класс!!!
  • Very nice photos. Very special light and shadow.
  • amazing photographs with nature beauty.
  • love it
  • True humanity.
  • simply beautiful!
  • I can definitely feel the emotion in each picture. There is a sense of vulnerability about each person that I absolutely love. Such a wonderful idea. It's an inspiring way to capture us as we are, after all it's in the shower we do our best thinking!
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