Chile-born, Brooklyn-based artist Iván Navarro recently introduced his project, entitledThis Land Is Your Land after the Woody Guthrie song, in which three unexpectedly small water towers sit along the sidewalks of NYC's Madison Square Park. Anyone passing by is free to walk around and investigate the site-specific installation, presented by the Madison Square Park Conservancy (MSPC), but the real excitement is on the interior of the towers.

When viewers walk underneath and look up, they are greeted by mirrors and neon lights that form a ladder or text that appears to be ascending forever into an abyss of darkness. Navarro says he used the universal symbol of water towers to represent the basic necessities that everyone needs to survive, including water.

“I like the idea of a reservoir of water,” explains Navarro, “These simple and timeless wooden structures containing water—the most primitive and elemental resource, the essence of human sustenance—reminds us of the basic condition that all humanity shares.”

The project will be on display through April 13th, 2014

Photos by James Ewing Photography, New York / Courtesy of Madison Square Park Conservancy

Iván Navarro's website
Madison Square Park Conservancy website
via [CollaCubed], [Designboom]

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