Incredibly Colorful Macro Soap Photography

For a psychedelic blast to the past, check out these insane photographs with bright colors and flat shapes reminiscent of 1970’s pop art. To create these images, Scotland-based photographer Jane Thomas experiments with soapy water and a macro lens to capture light and reflections through thin films of liquid.

She uses water combined with variations of hand soap, shampoo and shower gel, sometimes mixed with sugar, to generate the diversity of beautiful patterns. The 18mm circle frame is actually a child’s bubble wand. In the final shots, she either removes the wand edge in Photoshop or creates a close crop of a tiny area within the circle. The results are breathtaking, leaving the viewer with feelings of wonder at the chance to see the spectacular forms that are created by such tiny drops of water.

Jane Thomas’s website
Jane Thomas on Flickr
via [Lost At E Minor]

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