We're constantly mesmerized by the surreal images produced by Canadian photographer Joel Robison who continues to expand his imaginative portfolio. His fairy tale-inspired works feature the photographer himself charmingly playing in his dreamy world where preconceived notions of size ratios fly out the window. Robison's creative mind takes us all on a journey to a land where books are made for reading and physically living in.

The photographer's surreal sensibilities are echoed throughout his body of work. Though he doesn't have one single focal point in his vast portfolio, he certainly does seem keen to exploring domestic and nature themes. Robison's work often features the great outdoors as his backdrop juxtaposed with a homey cup of coffee. Alternatively, his images have also been known to bring nature indoors, whether that's reflected in the floral patterns of his cozy wallpaper or an endless line of paper cut trees.

Joel Robison on Flickr

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  • I am in awe of your talent and envious of your creative flow!
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