"Horror tells us that our belief in security is delusional, and that the monsters are all around us." Joshua Hoffine's words come to life (or perhaps Undead) in his photographic work. Chills will work their way down your spine as you take in the full effect of each photo. Though it gives the impression that it is manipulated by Photoshop, it is, in fact, not at all. Hoffine uses special effects make-up, elaborate sets, and his own family members as models. After seeing his collection, you may just need to check under your bed and leave the night-light on.

For more scares:
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  • OK that's enough from you!
  • If you ever read Stephen King's book IT then this one will make you pee your pants:

  • Holy crap, I've got chills. Those are some seriously freaky photos. Especially the one of the baby and spiders. YIKES!
  • the bugs aren't photoshopped? wow...
  • scary!
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