Kettle of Fish

I just had dinner and i was craving something a little less tha healthy, so i headed out for 'Fish and Chips'. It was so good i felt compelled to tell you all about it!!This is one of the best 'fish and chip' shops around. Located on Cross St in Galway City and with a sister shop in Gort Co Galway, Kettle of Fish is a gem. In a city that boasts some very good 'chippers' Kettle of Fish has managed to rise to the top. Tourists may flock to McDonaghs on Quay St (around the corner), and Charcoal Grill down the street does do the best Kebabs in Ireland (my opinion and that of many others), but Kettle of Fish has the right idea. Their hand cut chips are second to none in Galway, are better than Donkey Forde's in Limerick, Lennoxes in Cork and would definitely give Dublin's Beshoff Fish and Chip shops a run for their money.

The fish selection in kettle of Fish is great. They also do a decent seafood chowder. I tend to go for the whiting or haddock, although i have had their cod too (its delicious, but i have an issue with eating cod due to sustainability of the cod stocks). Their batter is light and not intrusive. The smoked cod is a favourite of a few friends of mine and the rate it highly. I've had the grilled salmon too and it rates highly. I haven't had the ray wings, lemon sole or mackeral but i'll bet they're great. (the reviews i've read and heard are good).

Fish and Chips are a big thing here in this country, but some people prefer burgers or sausages. Not to worry, Kettle of Fish have you covered if you're one of those people. The battered sausages are divine and their onion rings (small portions so beware) are melt in your mouth delicious. They also do battered mushrooms, but in fairness i've had better. The chips selection in Kettle of Fish is also amazing however. Generally i prefer my chips with just salt and vinegar, and sometimes i'll go with curry or curry and coleslaw chips; but here they have a whole other selection of chip sauces and add ons (just chek out the menu picture below!!)They do some great burgers too, both beef burgers and chicken burgers and the serve salads, which is unusual for a chipper in this country. The Galway city branch also do desert, namely a deepfried battered mars bar, which i have yet to brave!! I sounds beyond decadent!

Anyhoo, if ever you visit this little corner of the planet, remember the place to eat fish and chips in Galway is Kettle of Fish. In fact its the best place to eat fish and chips in Ireland. But if you're not in galway you'll have to make do with the other places mentioned above!
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  • Fish and chips, Agh !!! with vinegar ! I should open one in Macon!
  • Wow, this has made me hungry! The garlic chips sound gorgeous!
    Love chips with mayonnaise!
    How do they serve the Salmon, Ray Wings, lemon Sole and Mackeral? Do they serve them with or without batter?
    Trouble is i'm in London, but have always wanted to visit to walk on the long sandy beaches and just soak-up
    everything on offer including the Pubs and Irish music!
  • Cool post! Totally makes me hungry for some fish&chips! If I ever visit Ireland, I'll surely hit it up!
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