Micro Collages are Photos Shredded Then Reassembled

Look closely at Korean artist Keun Young Park's works and you'll wonder how she created her weightless, floating figures. Park starts with an original photograph, changes its color, and then shreds the photo by hand into thousands of tiny pieces. She then reassembles them into mesmerizing micro collages. In each detailed photo, you can actually see where the pieces come together but in an imperfect way. Notice the small, white gaps and the fascinating feathered outlines.

Park's work is increasingly being recognized for its unique process and its meticulous craftsmanship. In January 2013, Accola Griefen Gallery in New York will hold a solo exhibition of her work. As they say, "Park’s practice has a relationship to the precision of Pointillism and digital pixilation but her work retains a tactile, hand-made quality. Each piece vibrates with a quiet energy, conjuring up thoughts of both the beginning of life and its end. This sense of disembodiment is balanced with a fullness of form and physicality that is derived from the artist’s earlier practice as a sculptor."

Keun Young Park's website

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Comment by sAm on February 21, 2012 at 5:40pm

I can only imagine how long this took!


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