While in the States it is understood that we sometimes refer to money simply as green, international currency can be found in plenty of other colors. Canadian visual artist Kristi Malakoff's series titled Money Pieces utilizes the spectrum of hues that is present in paper money from around the world to produce her eye-catching sculptures. By folding, cutting, and pasting, Malakoff manages to create colorful sculptural pieces.

From the American dollar to the Turkish lira, the artist manipulates numerous copies of each to assemble her intricate works. The result of her meticulous efforts are beautifully multicolored renditions of flowers, diorama-like scenes, and three-dimensional polygons. Many of her works appear to be heavily inspired by floral arrangements and geometric shapes.

Kristi Malakoff website
via [Laughing Squid]
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  • Amazing!

  • A three-dimensional polygon is a polyhedron. They are beautiful, but all of those designs have been made available on the internet for personal use by their original artists; Tom Hull, Heinz Strobl, Mio Tsugawa, etc. I wonder if Heinz Strobl is aware that his "Sphere94" has been renamed to a "Canadian Star Ball".

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