Winter is only a couple of days away and the last signs of summer are long gone. That's why artist LadyTinuz has salvaged the last few physical remnants of warmer days to create some wonderfully intricate works of art. The Switzerland-based artist has collected and cut away at leaves found amidst an ivory Autumn snowfall for her modest Fall-ing Leaves series.

Like artist Lorenzo Durán's cut-away leaf art, LadyTinuz exhibits a profound understanding of paper cutting, as applied to leaves. She works with the grooves and branching veins of her natural medium to make each piece more organic in its structure. Subjects in the series revolve around nature and innocence as children frolic by a tree, deer are caught grazing, and a dragonfly sits by, patiently. The artist's fascinating choice to carve out silhouettes of expanding, barren trees from leaves also adds to her environmental theme throughout the four works.

LadyTinuz on deviantART
via [Life is a Danceable Tragedy]

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