At what age do we stop and forget about what it was like to be a kid? If you're a young girl named Lissy Laricchia (or Lissy Elle on Flickr), I hope the answer to that question is never. Lissy has that rare ability to make our imaginary worlds come to life with her magical touch. Child-like, but never childish, her unique photos will draw you in and then keep you spellbound for hours on end.

"I live in Canada, where the moose are. I take pictures of anything that will stay still long enough. If you asked me if I would rather see one of the seven wonders or Las Vegas, I would always say Las Vegas. I admire Dr. Suess and Chuck Palahniuk more then you (sorry), and you bet your ass I would sooner tear out my own eyes then spell Panic! At The Disco without the exclamation point." - Lissy Laricchia

Lissy Laricchia

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  • I hate being one of four million posts saying "I love this; she's so creative!" But it is beautiful and therefore I post.
  • I am SO obsessed with these pictures!
  • I neglected to read the warning. What did it say? Does it matter?
  • lovely ( :
  • I love this girl! :) She is going places!
  • This is a truly wonderful journey.
  • These are great shots! I love them!
  • @Martin - The quote was from Lissy's Flickr page. I thought it was appropriate because it gives you more of a sense of who she is. You should check out her Flickr stream. There are some really magical photos there (as seen above) and then some really dark (and slightly disturbing) ones.
  • Stop excessive masturbation and start a fight?

    Chuck Palahniuk's mission statement is strangely at odds with the whimsical nature of the photographs. Is it supposed to be here?
  • LoL. These are magical...Wow..
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