In the Shade

Pascal Campion is an illustrator and animator who's work will remind you to enjoy life's simple pleasures. He tends to focus on common themes like love and family, seeing beauty in the peaceful moments life has to offer. Born in New Jersey, growing up in the south of France and now currently living in San Francisco, Pascual believes his style is influenced "a lot from French culture and quite a bit from the American one."

Home Bodies

The Evening Crowd

The Days are Just Packed

Bedtime Stories

Bath Time

Sunday Night

Down Time



When asked in a recent interview, "What are some of the things that you do to keep yourself creative?" Here was his interesting response:

"I STOP drawing!


"Sometimes I get into this rut where I have to draw draw draw..non stop. The act of drawing becomes very easy, but coming up with new ideas becomes very difficult for me.

"I tend to just force myself to get out, go on a bike ride, get off for the weekend, do something totally different. and it's HARD. I'm always feeling that urge to pick up a sketchbook and draw, but, when I get like that, I know that whatever i draw will be a doodle that I've done before, and won't be very creative.

"A dinner with friends, a good movie, a family moment...things that don't relate to art really boost my creativity!"

Pascal Campion

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  • I totally love this! his drawings are so real and representative of the various stages and emotions that individuals go through in life! love them!
  • These are beautiful. Love the emotions behind the pieces. Something I can totally relate to, especially the last three pieces.
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