Linkin Park Pushes the Digital Envelope (6 pics + video)

A few days ago, Linkin Park released their new music video for their song "Waiting for the End." Artistic, mesmerizing, beautiful and unique, the video was directed by Joe Hahn, the Korean American member of the band. As a digital version of themselves, Hahn wanted to push themselves "so far down the digital path that it eventually felt spiritual."

"It was my attempt to digitally crush us to the point that you feel the soul of the music through what has become the essence of us," he says. "We become the ghosts in the machine. Some may say that because of technology, we lose a sense of who we are. I counter that by illustrating that we can get closer to who we are if we sift through the noise. If this sounds like it's too 'out there,' just ignore what I said and enjoy the pretty pictures."

What did you think about it?

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Comment by Amy Wong on October 10, 2010 at 6:37pm
I do love the video. Reminds me of Thom Yorke's other vid. And the song is refreshing to hear.

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