Living a Teenage Dream

Though Raleigh, North Carolina-based Valerie Chiang is not a professional photographer (rather, she is a student at Oberlin Conservatory studying piano performance), her photos certainly speak volumes. Like Flickr photographer Lucy Nuzum, Chiang is able bring to life the intangible, capturing our fleeting youth in a sweet and vulnerable way.

Just 18-years-old, Chiang tells us she's been taking pictures only for the last year and a half. "When people look at my photos, I want them to feel as though they are momentarily transported into a fantasy world. I try to create 'dreamscapes,' where people can use my photographs as a method of escapism."

Valerie Chiang

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  • Amazing!
  • I thought this related to the Katy Perry song. JK. Love the photos. Very imaginative and I'm glad to see anything that gives kids a chance to be creative and allows them to have a voice.
  • Great locations, love the her choice of colors...all this help to create a vintage atmosphere.
  • Especially love the first photo!
  • I really like the essence of the pictures. There is definitely a childlike quality to them. Great work to say the least! :)
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