Living in IKEA

For those of you who've seen the hit movie 500 Days of Summer, you’ll remember that cute scene where Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel pretend to live in an IKEA store. Photographer Christian Gideon must have been inspired by that scene when he created this funny series. Gideon and his friends hilariously photographed themselves living in IKEA's showrooms, acting as though we're getting a real look into their everyday lives.

Love how the "actors" almost make you believe that living in IKEA is possible!

Christian Gideon's website
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  • :-D .... looks like the ikea nearby --but t could be anywhere is like the other ! cheers
  • OMG!! Love these!! It made my day...
  • Giggling !!!!!!
  • Teehee! This is just so funny!!! Couldn't stop laughing at their expressions.Well done!
  • LOL, if you didn't pay close attention to all the tags, you'd probably guess these pics were taken in their apt.
  • fun!!!
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