Lobster Rolls (in CA??)

The best lobster rolls I've ever had were during my stint as a starving graduate student in New England. So when some friends told me that I could find a decent lobster roll in Northern California at Old Port Lobster Shack, imagine my skepticism. But from the chowdah to the lobster roll, the first bites of each took me back to my New England days which, if you're too slow to figure it out, means that both were authentic and worth the trip.

If eating a traditional lobster is your thing, then rest assured that the menu covers you as well. Take your lobster, take your wooden mallet, take your inner frustration and show that lobster who's boss by beating and pounding it senseless. Or as Chris Brown likes to call it, "Foreplay".

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  • Looks crazy-good
  • Oh how I miss the sweet tasty lobsters of Maine. The best lobsters ever!
  • Cool, Maian! Thanks for the tip. :)
  • They make great lobster rolls at Hungry Cat, in the Vine + Sunset plaza across from Border's. Served on a buttered roll with a side of skinny fries. Only offered at lunch. The guy who owns the place is from the East Coast so I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed by it.
  • I miss legal seafood in Boston!

  • Holy crab! That looks so good.
  • Nor Cal?!??!? Can you find us this in So Cal?!
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