Logo's change just like you change. The way a company projects itself to the consumer, relies heavily on the graphic design of the logo. Corporate identity lies in the core values of a company. Like you...As you grow you will have different wants and needs. So you dye your hair from red to black. But at the core...You're still You.

The changing of a logo is followed throughout all visual aspects of branding. Think business cards, stationary, websites, interiors etc. It has a big impact on the consumer perception of that brand.

It's interesting to see how big corporate brands have evolved. How a seemingly minimal alteration makes a big difference. I didn't even realize BMW had changed that much.

In my opinion..Nike did the best job. The Nike Swoosh. Simple, sleek, sporty, instantly recognizable yet non intrusive. Because of its simplicity it's very easy to apply using different media. the Microsoft one...uhm.....needs help. These are a few examples of the evolution of certain logo's.

In short the story behind the LG logo;
"LG was formed from two different companies named Lucky (chemical cosmetic company, 1947) and Goldstar (radio manufacturing plant, 1958). Though, these were different companies they were essentially owned by one person. In 1995, Lucky Goldstar was renamed to LG Electronics."

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  • really great post. :)
  • check IBM Logo development...or should i say no development at all. :)
  • That was Apple logo in 1976?
    For real?
    Did Steve Jobs slay a dragon that year and then make Emily Bronte write about it?
    All valid questions in my opinion ...
  • I believe that the original apple logo was in reference to Newton and the "discovery" of gravity... ingenuity and all.
  • Really cool post, especially like the story behind LG. Apples original logo is all sorts of weird.
  • Which reverts back to Alices Microsoft post Eugene..
  • Interesting to see how most logos have evolved to look simpler, cleaner, and brighter....

    And yea, Microsoft needs better designers and brand managers...
  • very interesting....
  • Awesome write-up. Great post!!!
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