www.losangelesfootballstadium.com/So it looks like the football stadium project for the City of Industry is beyond just mere talk. I know I've said that I wouldn't get my hopes up before they broke ground on the project, but... Yayus!I like the way the concept conserves on raw materials by building the stadium into an existing hill. Check it.
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  • Having grown up in the area, I've driven by the location many times. There's nothing there except a hill. The spot is bordered on 2 sides by the 60 and 57 freeways, and an industrial park on the other. Across the freeway is the Diamond Bar Golf Course. No neighborhoods need to be seized through eminent domain, so the costs should be relatively low.

    And, I don't think the City of Los Angeles really has approval/denial power with respects to this project. The City of Industry is not under the LA City Council's purview. The LA City Council has always supported renovation of the Colliseum vs. building a new stadium within the City of LA, which has always rubbed the NFL the wrong way because, honestly, the Colliseum is a pretty crappy venue.

    I think as long as the City of Industry and the NFL can come to an agreement, we'll get a football team in LA again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I don't think it will happen. Especially in the City of industry.

    It's not that I'm negative towards it. The only reason why Irwindale and San Pedro never got passed the initial vote either was because of City of Los Angeles will stonewall any projects outside of Los Angeles from making it happened. They prefer to be in the City of Los Angeles. Hence the reason why the City Hall and any planners for the football stadium insist on renovating the Colosseum as a choice for the football stadium.

    Legislative and state leaders will help LA City leaders block any fundings to outside of City of LA including LA commons and LA county areas. Honestly, they also will face oppositions if it includes eminent domain in displacing households into building that stadium. So far that area from what I study is way too small and will need to knock out a few neighborhoods into building that stadium.

    When Dodger Stadium was built, people were massively upset that so many households were claimed by eminent domain and the property value assessed by the state was a lot less money given to those families. This stadium at City of Industry will be chopped down before it get started. I bet on it.
  • i've been upset for years that we don't have a football team. I hope the day when we do comes soon.
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