Currently underway in Lyon, France is their most famous event, the annual Festival of Lights (“Fêtes des Lumières” in French). Designers from all around the world flock to Lyon to take over buildings, squares, rivers and hills so that its over 4 million visitors can enjoy the city flooded with color. Lasting just four days, from December 6 to December 9 this year, it's a stunning site to behold.

One of the most interesting displays occurs on or near the Louis the XIV statue, which was made back in 1825. While in years past, the statue was lit up or beautifully framed by the bright ferris wheel placed next to it, this year, it was placed on a "magic cube" created by artist Moity Gilbert. Thirty bikes were placed around the statue and visitors were encouraged to pedal as fast as they could. The collective energy created a series of bright, abstract images on the cube. At the end of the race, a surprise awaited them as flares went off like a mini fireworks show.

Above photo by Baptiste


Photo by Luc Novovitch


Photo by Thomas Guignard

Photo by tony_lee402


Photo by Hélo J.

Photo by Olivier Engel


Photo by ✿小7仔✿


Photo by Christina Schweitzer

Photo by Martin Krebs


Photo via La Fête des Lumières

Photo via La Fête des Lumières

Photo by My Planet Experience

Photo via La Fête des Lumières

Photo via The Daily Mail

Festival of Lights (Lyon) website

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