Love is Love

Photos by Rosemary Daniels. UF's having it's Pride Awareness Month and wanted pictures representing love, to our surprise they came out excruciatingly and disgustingly cute.

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  • Thanks guys :) As for the story for each picture we'd rather have you fill in those balnks with your own experiences, hopes, ect. We all go to UF and decided that we'd like to show our campus in ways many don't see so all pictures were taken on the UF campus. :)
  • I'm curious about the story for each photo. How'd the locations get picked, did the couples have any say? How many shots were taken for each set?
  • Fantastic shots. I like how the guy and girl switches places, with the guy sitting on the bridge rail, and the girl standing to give a pucker. :P
  • What amazing photos! Gorgeous work!
  • These are soooo cute!!!! PRIDE all the way!!!
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