Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and Roger Federer strut their greasy stuff to the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive" in Gillette's "Walk of Gillette" commercial. The TV ad launched on the same day the new Yankee Stadium opened.Watching the ad left me with the same feeling as when I accidentally ate five pieces of Popeye's fried chicken the other day - oily and a little bit disgusted.I don't care how many combined kajillions they're worth. They need to close those buttons back on up. Sorry Jeter, no one wants to see your Soul Glow.CREDITSAgency: BBDO New YorkCreative team: Ben Waldman, Kit CampbellAgency producer: Misha LouyProduction company: BackyardDirector: Ericson Core
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  • I agree. Get back down to the Earth, guys. Gillette first gained ground by giving away free razors to soldiers in WWI. In the current climate, they need to be telling people that their products are for real people.
  • I'm so sick of this ad.. zero creativity and throwing cash away like its a dirty thing. I've quit all Gillette products, no intention of paying 99% for their advertising campaign and 1% for the product. I rather they end this stupid idea and fire the entire marketing team behind it.
  • Hmm .. I'm starting to see a trend ...
  • Cheesy. Not cool...cheesy! Reminds me of this new commercial with Common. We get it..you're macho men!

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