Enchanting Traffic Lights Glow in Foggy Germany

This photography series by Lucas Zimmermann is simple in concept, but absolutely beautiful in execution. Traffic Lights was captured late at night on a foggy, vacant intersection near Weimar, Germany when Zimmermann began taking 5-20 second long exposures. He made a few minor adjustments to temperature in post-production creating the bluish tones of the green light in some of the pictures.

Zimmermann began his professional photography career in 2009 and had his first exhibition in Beijing last year. With Maria Le Quang, he founded LUMA Visual Creations in 2012. LUMA is a photography group based in the German cities of Landau, Würzburg and Weimar. Zimmermann and Le Quang believe their pictures turn out better when they work together as a team stating, "The right connection and the right communication are very important aspects for us."

Lucas Zimmermann's website
via [FaithisTorment]

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