The late photographer Don Hong-Oai split his time between San Francisco and his native land of China in his later years, photographing the country in a classic way. Using an old Asian photography technique, Hong-Oai captured stunning scenery with an abundance of elements that echo traditional Chinese paintings.

The artist's portfolio of work is really a series of mind-blowing trickery. Though they appear to be age-old paintings or ink drawings on long scrolls of parchment, they are, in fact, remarkable photographs. Placing beautifully traditional calligraphy and including time-appropriate motifs (birds, boats, mountains) adds to the illusion of time and age of the images. You can check out a more of Hong-Oai's incredible photography on Flickr.

Don Hong-Oai's profile on Gallery 71
Don Hong-Oai Flickr set

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  • Spectacular, especially the last photo.

  • @Eugene. I love it! Much better headline speak than mine.

  • @Rich. Thanks for catching that. We've edited the title to make it more accurate of the piece.

  • These are amazing. But the title is misleading. "Magnificent photographs of China incorporate traditional motifs and calligraphic elements" would be more accurate.

  • Amazing

  • wow

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