Using rare and fine paper from around the world, Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft of The Makerie create incredibly intricate 3D paper sculptures, the likes we've never seen. The London-based creatives say that they're inspired by "forgotten worlds, rare prints and the beauty of details" which becomes abundantly clear once you look through their portfolio.

In particular, their bird sculptures are like nothing we've ever seen. Whether it's a life-size reproductions of an owl from antique world atlases or a gorgeous peacock with beautifully layered feathers, we can only sit back and awe and appreciate the time, patience and passion it must have took to create each stunning piece.

The Makerie Studio website

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  • amazing!.. on so many levels

  • such patience and skill, its intracately inspiring! as well as so clever and beautiful. Close to my current project using books/pages to sculpt and reinvent, thanks for the Inspire!
  • Wow, amazing detail. Love the owl!

  • These are absolutely beautiful!

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