LUKE, age 8 - Ninjago

How much fun would it be to make your kid's drawings come alive? Imagine an awesome showcase of your child’s drawings but in illustrations that are professionally done. That's what Garrett Miller is all about. “They don’t always have the ability to draw exactly what they were imagining. I’m here to help make those drawings come a little bit closer to reality,” says Miller about his recreations.

The results are both hilarious and entertaining. Children have wild imaginations!

JÚLIO, age 9 - “Guerra Entre Planetas”

CARTER, age 11 - Balloon Ship

LOCHLYN, age 7 - Monster

JACQUI, age 7 - Volcano Fight

ZOE, age 7 – Honeymoon

NAOMI, age 7 - Bad Rabbit

TALIA, age 4 - Star Wars

CAROLINA, age 8 - Mermaids

TAMAR, age 10 – Peace to the Earth

Garret Miller is quite the art enthusiast. He has two sites on Tumblr: Windoodles and Imagine Awesome.

Garret Miller's website
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  • @Alyssa: you are right, I've already done.

    @Marcus: I'm with you, Garret is doing a very interesting experiment, and I'm enjoying it very much, but I still think the original paintings are more powerful than the elaborated version.
  • Disagree, sorry.
    It´s the nature of child´s drawing, the absence of proper dimensions, angles etc. that makes it very special art.
    "Recreating" it in this way means not make them "come alive", but shaping it to more grown up concepts - closer to so called perfection.
  • what a great concept!
  • @Fernando-you should try contacting Garret Miller. Considering he is the creator of the site, he'll know how to contact the children.
  • Agree with Ime, this is so amazing!
  • awesome
  • I'm a passionate of kid's art, I'm in charge of the Kids Art Gallery, I was wondering if someone of these young artists are interested in open an online gallery, please contact me.
  • I love these types of series.
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