Seville-based artist artist Martin Satí produces experimental illustrations in which he starts at the center of a piece and builds outward until unique patterns and textures are formed. When describing his typical process, Satí says it is a "creative dance on a pilgrimage to the unknown. It grows in all directions."

The artist naturally weaves various lines, objects, and graphic elements together to create his conceptual faces, figures, and forms. The final results are swirls of blended colors that have an intense visual energy and great detail within the abstract compositions. Satí's bio states that his work is "a sober and visceral mix. An attempt to express what there is inside things; the energy, the evilness, the passion… everything without losing balance and form." Viewers are invited to look beyond the surface of each subject's face and to see what may be revealed in the layers hidden below.

Martin Satí's website
via [Juxtapoz]

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