Fantasy Photography by Marwane Pallas

20-year-old French photographer Marwane Pallas invites you to step into his strange and surreal dream. Whether he's flipping photos around and offering us a new perspective or masterfully manipulating colors, each photo feels you've stepped out of reality and stepped into a magical and mystical world.

"I like to create fantasy using the real world, assembling things that actually exist in an unusual way," he tells us. "People sometimes say 'dreamlike' but my dreams don't look like this at all. Maybe daydreams. There's a bit of surrealism. More than a bit, actually, since most of my pictures are totally improvised. My photos always emerge like a sudden gush, I never over think them, never really plan them."

Marwane Pallas on Flickr

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Comment by sAm on May 31, 2012 at 4:36pm

Takes me to another world!


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