Residents of Saudi Arabia's capital are cleaning up after one of the strongest sandstorms in decades blanketed the city with a thick layer of yellow dust. Tuesday's storm forced the closure of the international airport, shut down schools, and caused 70 road accidents. Hospitals dispatched emergency teams to dozens of residents suffering from breathing problems, while the billowing clouds of sand forced people to stay indoors.

Mr Thomson, who filmed this from his office on the 56th floor of Kingdom Centre, said the storm took around 10 minutes to pass over the city and reach his building. He said: "In a matter of 30 seconds or so, visibility dropped from miles to just a few metres completely obscuring the view to the street below."

via bbc, ap, and etoday.

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  • reminds me of terminator:2 when they have those flashes of how all those Nukes will go off
  • Oh, my. The fifth photo is just awesome!
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