Esteban has been with theMET for quite some time now and to this day we still don't know who exactly this mysterious man might be. As the big mama here, I can piece together a few things. We know he has a taste for the finer things in life (take a look at that steak!), he's actually stayed at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, and he grooves to songs like Timmy T's One More Try, Radiohead and Jackson 5. Yes, the man is still a mystery. What I do know is that Esteban (if that's his real name) is a financial adviser during the day and a hidden food blogger at night. His blog, titled Rhyme and Raisin, will give you a sneak peek into this man's life. His pictures will make you salivate and his witty humor will make you laugh. I love how he brings in funny little anecdotes either about his life or some current pop culture moment into his writing. Make sure to check it out. For all that I do know about you, Esteban, you are one cool cat. Thanks for gracing us with your wit and charm. The Met is a richer, if not more mysteriously cool, place with you here. Oh yes...and if you happen to be Brad Pitt, say hello to Angelina and the kids for us!

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  • I took it off because I was dining with the mistress. A wedding band really gets in the way of having extramartial flings, I found.
  • well he's not wearing a wedding ring in that picture so we can surmise that he's not married- which means that he and I should meet. :)
  • What a lovely intro.
    My bet is on South America Kingpin.
    Am I right?
    What do I win?
  • this spotlight cracks me up. esteban---will we ever see the man behind the blur?

    it's been a pleasure MET-ing with you!! :)
  • Batman! Bruce Wayne? Tony Starks? Bond, James Bond? Dr. Doom? Dr. Octagon? Something with a 'Doctor' in it... No? Peter Parker? Wait, I got this... He's CLARK KENT! Weapon X? Professor X? Magneto? IGGY POP! I dunno, I give up...
  • Santouka is the BOMB dude. My fav ramen joint in town fo sho.
  • Wow, you've been to the Burj Al Arab?! That's awesome! Cool blog!!
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