Two Brothers Take Annual Photos with Santa for 34 Years

In thirty-four years, brothers Mike and Martin Fray have never missed a chance to take a photo with Santa Claus. Every Christmas, the two boys (now men) have gotten together to take part in a traditional mall Santa photo op. It all began in 1980 when the older of the two, Mike, was still a baby. Eventually, in 1984, Martin came along and joined his brother in the festive tradition which was initiated by their mother taking them to Santa's village while doing some Christmas shopping.

Now fully grown men, the Fray brothers have children of their own whom they've invited into their annual Santa photos together. Martin says, "Not sure if [our mother] knew it would get to this point but we couldn’t break the streak after it had gone for decades. It should be able to carry on into the future, that is until our children get embarrassed by us.

Be sure to check out their Imgur album to see all 34 images.

via [PetaPixel, Imgur]

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