When you grow old, what will you see in your mirror of youth? This well-executed series by Texas based photographer Tom Hussey focuses on the idea of reflecting back on our storied lives. "I was awarded a job for an Alzheimer’s drug called the Exelon Patch made by Novartis," says Hussey. "The Exelon Patch helps patients maintain long-term memories during the early stages of this horrific disease. I was fortunate to be included in a lot of the early concept stages for the campaign. I knew immediately location scouting and casting were going to be very important to evoke the emotions associated with the disease." Hussey’s compelling series was recently featured in Communication Arts 2010 Photography Annual. We wouldn't be surprised if he gets nominated for a prize with this brilliant series...

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  • how did u get that color effect?
  • gr8 pics.... each photo has its own history behind it...
  • This thing all things devours
    birds, beasts, tree, flowers
    ruins kings, kills towns
    and brings high mountains down.

    The answer to the riddle is Time. These are awesome photos - they make me feel a powerful sense of lost time.
  • Good one..... the expressions are really good...
  • Wow, they are touching pieces. It invokes an emotional connection to the consumers, which is a good thing. Brilliant. :)
  • I love how each picture creates a link to the past. Great post!
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