MMM Exclusive: Amazing Palm Springs Weekend in Cadillac's New ELR

Posted by Eugene on February 28, 2014 at 6:30am

This post is in partnership with Cadillac. The first ever ELR: where electricity meets luxury. Check it out here.

As part of a special weekend-long event, Cadillac invited My Modern Met and 14 other journalists to Palm Springs for an incredible tour of mid-century modern homes and a test drive of their brand new luxury hybrid, the ELR. It would be an understatement to say that hybrids have come a long way in the past few years, particularly in terms of design.

After touring several homes that are remarkably true to the era, we arrived at the grand finale: Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs getaway. As we walked around his residence, we daydreamed about the wild parties Sinatra must have thrown and the iconic music he must have created there, never mind the memories that were made.

During the tour, I had the honor of speaking with both a senior designer at Cadillac and the chief engineer of the ELR. I was inspired by the clarity of their vision for the ELR, and especially impressed with how modern the Cadillac brand has become. The design and engineering team did a spectacular job of combining form and function. The result is a gorgeous luxury coupe with incredibly sleek lines that highlight its elegantly stealthy aerodynamics.

The next day, each journalist got handed the keys to a new ELR to drive on the winding roads of Idyllwild, California. As I switched to sports mode, the handling really stood out. The steering was neither too stiff nor too loose, providing a comfortable and safe ride even when going into turns at a decent speed.

The interior, too, has a variety of bells and whistles, including a touchscreen monitor and cruise control function that enables the driver to effortlessly select how far to cruise behind the car in front of him.

When fully charged, the plug-in hybrid can go 37 miles on pure electricity, meaning that if your commute is less than 18 miles each way, you won't be using any gas at all. On a full tank and a fully-charged battery, the ELR's total range is 340 miles, which is nice because you're not dependent on either fuel source. And since the gas tank only fills up to 9.3 gallons, you'll definitely be saving at the pump.

So who is this car for? Priced at $75,000-$82,000, it's for people who are design-minded and yet practical - those who are looking for a stylish luxury coupe with plenty of power but also eco-friendly options for their daily commute. It's sporty yet sleek, and it handles exceptionally well. It's for people who appreciate it when art and science join forces to create something that will be considered a classic throughout the ages, much like Ol' Blue Eyes himself.

As we arrive in Palm Springs, this beautiful ELR awaits us.

The highlight of the mid-century modern tour was Frank Sinatra's house.

Sinatra's bedroom

Photos in the guest room

Love how his home wasn't overstated like celebrity homes in this day and age.

How we wish we could have heard Ol' Blue Eyes play on this!

Outside Sinatra's Palm Springs home

Such a blast driving on the curvy roads of Idyllwild. The ELR was fast, fun, responsive, and safe.

The Interior is really sleek and the dashboard controls are very advanced.

Thanks for an amazing weekend, Cadillac!

Photo credit (except ELR interior photo): Eugene Kim/My Modern Met
ELR interior photo: © General Motors

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