Modern Architecture: Casa Son Vida 1 (8 photos)

Located on the Spanish Island of Mallorca, Casa Son Vida 1 is a world-class modern luxury villa. The first of six planned villas on the island by Cosmopolitan Estates, Casa Son Vida 1 represents a new standard of progressive design that leans more toward futuristic than nostalgic.

As with all Cosmopolitan projects, a world-class network of architects and designers was assembled to complete the project. Los Angeles and Switzerland-based tec architecture (tec) was commissioned to transform the villa from a run-of-the-mill quasi-Mediterranean structure into something all together different.

“Casa Son Vida 1 aims to redefine the notion of the luxury villa by moving most of the paradigms of luxury towards a more contemporary and forward-looking expression of architecture and technology,” explains Sebastian Knorr, tec co-founder and design director. “The project pushes the envelope in every direction and every sense; it is highly sustainable, basically off-the-grid, gives an unheard of sense of space and place, explores new construction technologies, and enters into a critical dialogue with the decorated box buildings in its vicinity. Casa Son Vida 1 is unavoidably exuberant and unabashedly outrageous.”

Amsterdam-based Marcel Wanders Studio was tapped for the interior design, marking the first full residential project for the international design phenom.

tec architecture website
Marcel Wanders Studio website
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Comment by sAm on March 30, 2010 at 2:20pm
Amazing couch in the last pic!
Comment by Amy Wong on March 29, 2010 at 6:29pm
Wow...I really love those stairs....and THAT HUGE MIRROR! :D Nice!

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