I'm not the biggest fan of massive white space in modern homes, but the O House in Switzerland is simply stunning. Designed by Philippe Stuebi and Eberhard Tröger, the stand-out feature of this lakeside home is the circular openings within the white concrete's exterior. The two-story villa boasts superb mountain views, and includes a large fitness area, boathouse, and an 82 ft (25 meter) swimming pool that's half inside, half outside.

Philippe Stuebi Architekten, Eberhard Tröger via archdaily
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  • This is stunning. Was the facade part of a retrofit of an existing building - or is the whole build new? The light and shadow at sunset would be amazing from the interior side of the building.
  • I think the house would be fine without the weird holy outside thing. It looks like someone went wild with a giant paper hole puncher. On side note, if you own that many exotic cars, why would you have the major distinguishing design element a facade rather than incorporated into the structure. Although it does make it easier to play connect 4, err.. connect 3 in this case. We just need someone to design some huge checkers!
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