By far one of the coolest tables I have ever seen is designed by John Nouanesing. Called "Paint or Die, But Love Me" this table has that wet, glossy paint look that makes you do a double take. It almost reminds me of bright nail red polish that's been spilled by your mischievous little brother. It's only a concept for now but let's hope it makes it into production.

Via Moco Loco

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  • How cool!

    This table belongs in the Dexter Room at the Showtime House in NYC, next to this lamp.
  • I think this table would look even cooler with one of these...

  • @jenni - that clock's great! reminds me of something out of the looney tunes. :)
  • holycanolli!

    that table is cool! its like being in a dali painting.

    the room with that table needs this clock
  • That is amazing!
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