I couldn't be more in love with this cool DIY project. Sleek and easy to do, this planter is a simple way to add a little green to any landscape.

The project comes from Annette at Pot-ted, a nursery and patioscaping company in Los Angeles. Here's how she did it: "The wall was built with 12" cinder blocks (the kind you would use to build a column) and we used Liquid nails to hold them together because I didn't want grout lines and also it gave us more flexibility. In fact in order to make bottoms for the blocks that are sticking forward, we cut pieces of cinder block to fit the inside and then liquid nailed them in." The great thing about cinder blocks is how many different iterations you could make depending on how much space you have. Also, they're really cheap and can be painted if you want to match them to your decor. And though Annette used succulents, I imagine the planter would be just as perfect with herbs and other edible greens. via: Apartment Therapy
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  • the dog is cute - -
  • That's a cool idea. I always thought the empty space in cinder blocks was going to waste. The only problem I see is that plants like growing and if you're not careful you may find some roots trying to break out of your blocks. I agree that herbs and other edible greens are probably ideally suited for such small growing spaces though.
  • Wow..looks like a great idea!
  • Gorgeous! Love the idea. Thanks for sharing, Annie!
  • Love how they made it work within an urban space. Brilliant!
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