Graham Hill, creator of green website Treehugger, presented his case for "Weekday Veg" at the 2010 TED conference. A weekday vegetarian is someone who only eats meat on the weekends. Hill shares that by making the change for the past year, he cut his food carbon footprint by 70%, feels healthier, more ethical and has even lost a "bit of weight." Here's a video of his 3-minute talk sharing why he thinks it's smart to be a weekday vegetarian. via: HealthSetter
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  • Good looking guy but I don't really buy into it. I wouldn't want my son following this diet as it doesn't really provide the right amount of nutrients for children (or adults for that matter). Increasing veg is a good idea, not too keen on the diet though.
  • I need to lose a little weight, mmmm veggies during the week? Not a bad idea!
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