Looks like our favorite board game is getting a modern make-over! For it's 75th anniversary, Parker Brothers is releasing Monopoly Revolution. It comes with a circular board and a computerized console where players will swipe credit cards to keep track of their digital currency. Out this fall, the game will cost $35. You can check out more pictures at Pocket-Lint. So what do you think? Should Parker Brothers modernized Monopoly? Personally, I'm digging the minimal look of the board but I can't help but miss the iconic banker! Via Gizmodo
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  • Without paper money, how can you barter for real life goods/services?
  • Does it include sub-prime mortgages?
  • I might get this.
  • Yeah...the paper money was the most fun.
  • The boards design is nice. Having said that I went and bought me “New Monopoly” board ( not as cool as this one) a few months ago for us to play. All they had was the Credit Card system. I hated it !. I feel like the banker is essential for the fun of the Game. How else are you supposed to Cheat ;). I think it is enough plastic that we use in our everyday life’s!.
  • I like the set up of the board... but I enjoy the paper money.
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