MTV Japan VMAs 2009

Katy Perry showing us where babies come from, at the MTV Japan Video Music Awards on May 30, 2009.Highlights according to the Guardian:On the red carpet, guests fall into three categories: Japanese male pop stars who try to look as bored and pissed-off as possible, Japanese female pop stars who try to look as scared and under immediate threat as possible, and foreigners … who just muck about.Fourteen-piece mega troupe Exile get the biggest screams, despite the fact they all look like pervy uncles.Green Day pretend they're pissing against the wall when it's their turn to pose and the Japanese photographers titter nervously.The only notable innovation for the Japanese incarnation of MTV is the inclusion of a best karaoke song category.British acts like Franz Ferdinand, Lily Allen and Duffy elicit little crowd response when their nominations are announced, yet the mere mention of American R&B heavyweights Usher and Ne-Yo sends the audience into a frenzy.The most inexplicable and anti-climatic moment of the evening is when, without prior warning, Beastie Boys appear from behind a curtain with the opening strands of Sabotage booming through the PA. A few seconds later the music is cut short, they briefly accept the street icon award and Ad Rock says, "Well, this is awkward". Then they're ushered offstage.MTV hasn't enjoyed anything as close to the level of success in Japan as it has elsewhere in the world. After it was launched here in 1992 it was such a flop that for a while it was taken off the air completely.Katy Perry taking the literal approach in front of a very Japanese audience.Fergie after a photo finish at the teal marathon.After the last incident, Fergie's stylist figured out a way for her to never have to leave the stage for potty break.Ciara doing the Beyonce thing, again.

[ via: Guardian UK ]
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  • wow i followed the 'again' link to see what's up with beyonce and ciara.. that is completely ridiculous. if i were beyonce i'd slap a b*tch
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