No, you're not looking at the actress from the EA game Mirror's Edge, but rather one of the most amazing photographers to come out of China. What's more, she is only in her early twenties.Beijing-born fashion photographer Chen Man (陳曼) majors in color and beauty, and manages to somehow make neon green and electric blue eyeshadow look fantastic. His portfolio boasts ads for Adidas, Nike and Sony Ericsson, as well as photographs of notable people from Beckham to Olympic diver Guo Jing Jing. She rose to fame largely by shooting iconic covers for the Chinese "Vision" magazine (I will show you later).

I like her "Skateboard" series, a study between natural and glam.

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  • @ Christopher - I found it:
  • Christopher, I've been looking for the same image. Lemme know if you find it.
  • Is this the one?
  • I just left a show on China art and Chen Man was featured. I absolutely love her work. She had three photos featured, (from Vision magazine) one of which was stunning to say the least. It was a pretty straight on portrait of a woman with sequin on her all the way up to her eyes. It very dark portrait so the sparkles that were Photoshopped on were very prominent. I can't find a photo of it on the web... not on her web site nor through Google. Do you by chance know what photo I'm speaking of and if so, do you have a jpg of it? I would have taken a photo of it but it's prohibited by the museum. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I need me some of that glam action.
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