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  • The only think I think I missed out on was trying cooked horse. we had it raw 3-4 times and it didn't do the meat justice i thought =]
  • oh Eli!!! I'm so insanely jealous!!!

    I love the okonomiyaki pictures! One of my favorite dishes!

    AND I love the no danger allowed picture. Awesome.
  • WOW. This is like the greatest foodie posting I've ever seen.
  • wow that live squid decapitation was awesome! gross but awesome! thanks for sharing your pics and videos with us. next time i have to check out the fish market!
  • Wow awesome pics and great video. I especially liked the octopus decapitation, horse meat, pig testicles, and the lizards. You guys really know how to travel it up. Totally makes me want to revisit Japan!
  • Great pics, Eli. I love Japan. I can't wait 'til I go back. Isn't fresh Kobe beef the most amazing thing?
  • welcome eli!!!!

    happy marriage ;)

    i still can't believe you ate sperm
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