New Ballpoint Pen Art by Vanessa Prager

Artist Vanessa Prager will be exhibiting a new body of work starting May 10 at Jenkins Johnson Gallery in San Francisco. Prager first caught our attention last year, as we became captivated by her emotion-filled pieces made with just ballpoint pen on vintage music sheets. In her new show, she wanted to create "a whole sort of world of its own," she tells us.

"I like the idea of capturing moments set in a sort of past and future, or a timeless time. Scenes where the ending is to be determined, and the deciding factors all hang midair. By focusing on the stillness of these yet unfinished memories, it tends to exaggerate the fact that though we've all had times where past blurs into present, clearly the future is not yet written."

Love how she always leaves parts of her drawings undone. It's almost as if she's asking us to fill in those missing pieces.

Vanessa Prager's website

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Comment by sAm on May 6, 2012 at 2:44pm

Stunning..simply stunning


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