This video shows some really forward thinking on the part of the Chevy Volt engineering team. They demonstrate a new app for the Droid phone that let's you search and get directions on your phone then send those directions to the vehicle's navigation system. Pretty cool! This will be MUCH easier than trying to navigate via the phone's GPS while driving. The app also allows you to monitor and control the status of the vehicle. You can schedule charging to occur at a certain time to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates. You can also remotely start the vehicle and set the heater or air conditioning from the phone (hope nobody hacks into this one!).I'm not the biggest fan of the new Chevy Volt but this kind of technology might just change my opinion. I'm sure that if Chevy gets it working we will begin to see more of this kind of stuff.
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  • Yes, great to see technology working together - thanks for the post, Mark!
  • Very cool and convenient...
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