Esquire's fashion director Nick Sullivan demonstrates his perfectionistic eye for patterns by overlapping photos taken in the same location, decades apart. In doing so, he merges the past and present into a single frame. While we have seen this enlightening technique before, Sullivan's work stands out because of its exemplary precision and attention to detail. No matter what the locale, the photographer is committed to making sure that his historical images line up perfectly with their present-day counterparts.

Throughout the series, there are many familiar streets and landmarks found in London, New York City, and Paris, but the locations aren't the only recognizable subjects. It's easy to pick out several famous faces, as well. Sullivan has given Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Cary Grant, Picasso, and many other iconic figures the opportunity to transcend time in his incredible image arrangements. Ultimately, these photomontages impeccably represent what happens when an interesting moment in time becomes a key part of our world's history.

Nick Sullivan: Instagram | Twitter 
via [Photojojo]

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