Anyone who has the chance to venture inside this String Prototype will have great fun navigating through the complex arrangement of blue lines. Created by Croatian-Austrian industrial design group Numen/For Use, the inflatable concept is like a large jungle gym for kids and adults alike.

The installation consists of a geometric configuration of ropes that are secured to the sides of the structure. When the square is inflated, the ropes pull tightly across the interior space and create a grid through which visitors can climb, swing, and play. Surrounded completely by white walls, climbers will find that concepts of perspective become confusing and disorienting.

Numen/For Use explains, "Bodies entrapped in a 3D grid and flying in unnatural positions throughout superficial white space resemble Dadaist collages. Impossibility of perception of scale and direction results in simultaneous feelings of immenseness and absence of space."

Numen/For Use website
via [Colossal]

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  • Interesting website, i read it but i still have a few questions. shoot me an email and we will talk more becasue i may have an interesting idea for you.

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